Thursday, March 8, 2018


PYPX stands for Primary Years Project Exhibition.
We have 8 weeks to complete the project and present it. To get into groups we had to write our passions down on a piece of paper along with an issue in this world that we wanted to take action for. Then we related 1 SDG to the issue. As soon as we got into our groups, we thought of essential agreements that we will respect in our group.

Week 1 for PYPX

Thursday, March 1, 2018


AVAILLL stands for Audio Visual Achievement in Literacy, Language and Learning. Lately we've been working "Focused searching for words"and "Practice reading focus". We've been watching a movie with subtitles, this will help us work on our peripheral vision. While watching the movie we had a competition. Ms Tina would stop the movie after a random subtitle and then we would have to write the subtitle in our books, and then we would score ourselves depending on how many we got right. This exercise will also help us with our focus. 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Writing assignment (French)

In French class, we had to do a writing assignment about 5 members our families. We had to use the description "physiques" at least 5 times, and at least 5 adjectives. Plus, we had to describe their hair, eyes, and personality. I wrote 160 words, the minimum amount of words we could write was 150.
The most challenging thing was probably remembering where to put accents. I was successful when I used the adjectives and described their features and personalities.

I have to work on remembering to describe the person including their name. Also I need to work on using the feminin and masculin plural in the right way.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Solar Power

Solar Power:
The whole 5th grade is doing a presentation on energy. I am in one of the Solar power groups, we are recommending using more Solar Power in India.
Here is what I am saying during the presentation that is going to convince the judges that Solar is the best type of energy:

J Question:  How does the energy source affect the society within this country/region?
Since india is using a lot of coal industries the pollution is affecting the people, plus, almost all of the families there cook with open fire. The smoke fills the house with toxic fumes that can harm people. Solar ovens are inexpensive, and can easily be made.(Plus pollution will reduce for the whole world). There is only one flaw with the Solar cooker, there is no way to cook at night. But, as Solar starts to be promoted a lot more and used, we are sure that in some period of time batteries could be included with the ovens and they could be modernized. Solar power is one of the best choices because it is healthy for our population, and the environment. We know that some places do not access a lot of sun but Asia has a lot of it. It is okay if it is not always sunny, Solar power is really easy to store up for the night and cloudy days. Many people think that Solar power is too expensive and you won’t get enough, but the sun will never run out. If india starts to use Solar power everyone in the country will be healthier and not as many infants will have birth defects. It will save our population and it will make energy cheaper in many ways.

J Question:   How does the energy source affect both the local and global environment?

Solar power helps reduce pollution (like I said before).   
Plus, our planet is getting hotter by the minute. Greenhouse gases are being released, like carbon dioxide and methane. It creates climate change and is slowly destroying the Atlantic’s surface. More and more ice is melting and making the water rise and make it warmer. The animals population is slowly dying. If we use Solar in india and then start to use it in other places climate change will reduce. We are all aware of global warming, but we think using the sun’s energy will reduce it. If we use Solar power, less greenhouse gases will release. We must use more Solar power, it will be healthy for the environment and other living creatures, along with ourselves.

At one point I was talking about a Solar cooker. We made one to explain how they are easy to make and cheap. Also, we needed to explain how it worked.
I hope you all think that Solar will be better for our population and earth.
: )

Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Hey guys,
Guess what, the total my class raised during the walk-O-thon was 2,202$!
Someone  in my class ran 19 laps during the walk-O-thon. In VND we raised 51,033,000VND!

Stay tuned for what amazing thing might happen next.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Migration Story

Hi all!
Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I have been busy.
I while ago I did an assignment about migration.
I chose a family member (or ancestor) one with a migration story, with a push and pull factor. I recorded myself on flipgrid and it is public if you want to see it.

It was about my great great grandfather when he migrated from ulster northern Ireland because of the potato famine in 1845. I did this while back but take a look at it.