Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My Transition and Identity Project

This represents my identity because it shows one of my passions.
The passions that are shown in this project are Architecture and engineering.
It also shows my timeline and how I have grown and developed, in knowledge and age.
Identity is what makes your personality. It is what you like and dislike, the choices you make,
things you do and have done. And how you have grown.
Your identity is what identifies you and what tells people who you are.
People express their identities in many ways.
Some people express it by working on their passions and taking control of them.
Others may share what they enjoy or dislike by adding it into a project.

Some ways I have changed are the things I focus on and how I put effort into embracing my passions.
When I was younger I would always try to like and do what everyone else was doing,
but now I embrace my passions and explore them. For example, architecture.
I have explored this by adding it into my transition project,
and practicing it in different school and personal projects.
The reason that people change depends on the people you are around and
what types of things you are exposed to.
I changed because of who I was around and the different environments I was put in.
You need to change because you have to know what you need to do to get used to transitioning and
adapting to a new environment.
You can’t stay the same person forever because if you don’t change your personality and
mind wouldn’t be growing, and that is unhealthy.
You need to meet new people and find out which passions you want to embrace.

Some things that I have been doing during my transition are being more independent with my work and
the choices I make. I have tried to make better choices and more mature choices that will help me
grow into a better person.
My project expresses a lot about how I my knowledge and strength has grown and how I have
built myself up. It represents a lot about how I have grown and how I will continue to grow as a person.

Last Event

Our graduation was a great experience. We celebrated and congratulated each other. The certificate ceremony made me proud, and while walking down the stage I felt like I had accomplished something. I feel that I am ready for middle school and that I will definitely continue to do my best throughout the rest of my school years.

After we were given our certificates on stage we ran back to our classes to get ready for our presentations. On the way there we were given roses and we walked around the middle school with our parents cheers rising up around us. Once we arrived back into class we started to set them up and then we waited for our parents to arrive back into our class rooms. My Transition and Identity project was related to my passion, my timeline, and thing I like/enjoy. It included my passions of Art, Music, Writing, and Architecture.

To celebrate as a grade we all went to Vincom Mall (Royal City) to Ice Skate. It was great fun. I'm not a big Ice Skater, but I enjoyed trying my best and making a fool of myself with my friends. We raced (I never won), and we fell and laughed. My friend Uy was extremely fast at Ice Skating and constantly wanted to push me around on a small fake seal that you could sit on or hold onto while Skating around. After about and hour and a half or less, I had gotten the hang of Ice skating it was fun and I had retrieved my balance. I could go quite fast and I learned a lot about perseverance. We all enjoyed it and as we left we all noticed that we soaked with cold water from falling onto the Ice as it melted into our clothes. As we sat in the bus we all talked and rested as our minds got ready for the transition ahead of us.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Exhibition Recount

Now that PYPX is over I feel proud and happy about what I have accomplished, and I feel that I can do more. I think that I could continue to tell people about what is going on and to actually try and eliminate all single use plastic products in my home and in other peoples homes. I feel that if I continue trying to prevent this problem from becoming bigger I could actually make a huge difference.

My group is continuing to try to get Vietnamese on the subtitle list of The Plastic Ocean. We have been sent the script of the documentary and if we can get someone to translate it into Vietnamese then one of the TV channels will air it on TV. We are doing this because we want everyone in Vietnam to be aware of this problem since Vietnam is in the top 5 most plastic producing countries.

I appreciated that the rest of my group had their own ideas and actually put them out there instead of just keeping it to themselves. I feel that by having more than 1 idea we came up with a bigger idea and were flexible with the action we were going to do. We definitely had arguments about what we were going to do for our action, but that is what got us to come up with more than just 1 idea. It helped us get somewhere, and helped us to decide exactly what to do for our action and how to do it.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Algae Fuel

Algae fuel might be the start to a whole new world that will be healthier and safer to live in. It will prevent air pollution, and deforestation. If every single power plant had an algae farm next to it, it would reduce and potentially get rid of global warming. Since algae can grow anywhere with carbon dioxide it could be possible to accomplish this.

We could produce diesel and gas out of algae, and even use it to produce electricity. Also, we wouldn’t have to create any other type of engine systems since algae diesel would work already existing engines, and that means that during the next few years we could start getting gas stations to sell the new environmentally healthy product.

While producing this food we not only get a healthier planet but we get lo lbs of food with every gallon we make of algae fuel. This means that we could potentially reduce the amount of hunger and maybe find someway to get this food to the less fortunate people on our planet. This might reduce and fix 3 of our SDG’s. SDG seven, two, and one.

In Vietnam this could reduce the amount of diseases people get here because of the bad air quality. For example things like ischaemic heart disease, stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer and acute lower respiratory infections in children. This would even help accomplish SDG 3. We could have healthier people working here and make it safer to live here. It would save the lives of the next generation. Half of Vietnam’s population dies because diseases similar to these. Algae fuel won’t only reduce air pollution and global warming but it might save lives.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Plastic Ocean

Dear Parents,

We are one of the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition groups called ‘Plastic Ocean’s’.
We are screening a documentary called, ‘A Plastic Ocean’, directed by Craig Leeson
and Produced by Jo Ruxton and Adam Leipzig.

A Plastic Ocean documents the newest science, proving how plastics, once they enter the oceans,
break up into small particles that enter the food chain where they attract toxins like a magnet.
These toxins are stored in seafood’s fatty tissues, and eventually consumed by us.

Plastic pollution isn’t new. But awareness of just how catastrophic it is for the environment
has grown in recent years - especially its impact on the oceans.
It may be second only to global warming as a threat to the health of the seas.

Here in Vietnam, we’ve seen very little action. And that’s despite the fact that Vietnam
has been identified as one of five countries responsible for more than 60% of the world’s plastic pollution.

We want to invite you to attend the screening at UNIS, on the 17th of April, at 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm,
to learn and explore ways you can make a difference. A ticket costs 50,000 VND,
Feel free to watch this short video to show you why you should attend this screening.
The ticket proceeds will go towards covering the costs of the screening fee,
advertising and 100% of the remainder will go towards the ‘Plastic Pollution Coalition’,
which is a project of Earth Island Institute, a 501(c)3, non-profit organization,
organized and existing under the laws of California (Federal Tax ID #94-2889684),
located at: 2150 Allston Way, Suite 460, Berkeley, CA 94704.

With many thanks from us, a group of 10 & 11 year olds trying to make a difference.

Olivia, Lily, Rei and Amara
The Plastics Oceans Group

G5 UNIS Students

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sports Day

This morning we had Sports Day, my team did great. Not that we won every game, we lost a lot but we had great team work. We made it easier for each other to complete the challenges. In the last few challenges we did really well. In the three legged race we worked so well together that we had to wait a couple minutes until the other groups finished. In the sack race we had great team work but because we kept falling and didn't get 1st place. The most important thing was that we worked really well with each other. Sports helps with listening and communicating with each other, I learned a lot.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Music Concert Reflection

This morning we had the grades 4 and 5 music concert. I'm orchestra and choir, in choir we sang I'm on top of the world, Hold back the river, and Have you ever seen the rain. Our finally was have you ever seen the rain, I personally liked performing the finally most because because our parents sang along and really got into the music. I am proud of myself for all the effort I put into this. I would always practice the songs in my free time just quietly singing to myself. All fifth graders are happy and proud with what they accomplished, and so am I.